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My Michelle

My Michelle, Canada's Drag Legend

- The Life and Times of a Canadian Drag Queen -

Michelle DuBarry was born Russell Peters Alldread, November 23rd, 1931, in Bowmanville Ontario. In November 2011, she celebrated her 80th year on earth and we celebrate by counting down 80 of her most important gowns ... starting with the first, her Christening gown.

As a founding and only surviving member of the 'Great Imposters', a unique group of Drag performers, she travelled across Canada, only to be met with disdain, threats, and sometimes jail and physical violence.

Now, living alone, surviving all of her predecessors, she still gives of her precious time to perform at various fund raising events throughout Toronto and even across Canada.

Michelle is recognized as the Grand Dame, the Dowager Mother, Empress, Mentor and friend. She is, Madam Michelle DuBarry.


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